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"The fact that Game Table is only a game board is one of its strengths. You can setup the game and play by the standard rules or get creative with the pieces and play by you own set of rules."

- Tuaw.com
"I think this is brilliant. You can never lose pieces, a strong wind cannot scatter chessmen when you play in the park, and as long as you have your iPad with you, you also have your chess set."

- Wired.com
"...For many users this app (or apps like it) might be the killer app that makes the Apple iPad worth purchasing."

- Mashable.com
"Probably one of the best bargains available for the iPad, “Game Table” is an absolute winner – even if you lose."

- iPadNewsDaily
"Game Table is ... designed simply to provide a virtual board for players to compete against their friends using the iPad as the platform"

- iLounge
iPad Board Games.

Instant Fun!

Game Table provides everything you need to play classic board and card games with your friends and family using the Apple iPad. Game Table gives you all the "virtual pieces" to play Checkers, Chess, Go, Backgammon, Reversi, Poker and most card games without hunting for boards or missing pieces.

What it is, what it isn't.

Game Table is not a video game. There is no "logic" or rules built into these games. Game Table simply provides brilliantly designed game tables and game pieces along with an extremely intuitive and fun way for you and your friends to interactive with them. It's so intuitive, you might even forget you're not playing on a real table.

When will Game Table be available?

Game Table is available now on the App Store for just 99 cents!
Game Table Free is a free, ad-supported version.

The Future of Game Table.

Thanks to your feedback, we're already developing more features and more games for Game Table. We recently added Backgammon and Go (as free updates) and are currently developing more tables. All updates to Game Table will be free!


  • Detailed, photo-realistic game tables, boards and pieces
  • A virtual deck of cards with the ability to deal, flip and shuffle
  • Intuitive controls and gesture recognition
  • Checkers, Chess, and cards games
  • Multuple Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Go, Reversi, and cards table graphics
  • Simulated physics
  • Free updates

Game Table Screenshots.

Downloadable artwork is available in the press room.