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"I think this is brilliant. You can never lose pieces, a strong wind cannot scatter chessmen when you play in the park, and as long as you have your iPad with you, you also have your chess set."

- Wired.com
"...For many users this app (or apps like it) might be the killer app that makes the Apple iPad worth purchasing."

- Mashable.com
"What saves this from being just another boring app is the fact that this game has no logic software... They simply provide you with a board, some equipment, and simulated physics."

- slidetoPlay
"Game Table is ... designed simply to provide a virtual board for players to compete against their friends using the iPad as the platform"

- iLounge
iPad Board Games.

Contact Info:

Derrick Stembridge

Jeff Juliard
President, Label Interactive

Recent Releases:

June 13, 2012: Label Interactive to Release "Game Table Free" on Father's Day and Make a Donation to Charity for Each Download


In-app screenshots:
screenshots_on_white.zip 1.4MB
screenshots_on_black.zip 1.4MB

High-res screenshots (no iPad frame):
screenshots_hires-no-ipad.zip 3.3MB

Game Table logos various sizes and bg colors 1.2MB